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Scientific Advisory Board.

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Fatima Rodriguez, MD, MPH

Section Chief of Preventive Cardiology
Stanford Health

Dr. Rodriguez holds multiple administrative appointments, including Director of Population Health at Stanford Medicine, and has received numerous awards for her clinical research and teaching excellence.  In addition to her clinical practice, she is an Associate Editor for the NEJM.


Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, MD, MBA

Chair of Preventive Cardiology
Mayo Clinic

Dr. Lopez-Jimenez is also a Professor of Medicine at Mayo College of Medicine,  and the Co-Director of Artificial Intelligence in Cardiology at Mayo Clinic. He is also the Chair of the International Committee for the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

To be announced soon

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Steven Keteyian, PhD

Director of Preventive Cardiology
Henry Ford Health

Dr. Keteyian is a leading figure in remote cardiac rehabilitation programs, recognized for his innovative work in the field. Additionally, he served as the Editor-In-Chief for The American College of Sports Medicine's Health & Fitness Journal.


Laura Cohen, MD, MPP

Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Cohen is a general cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital with a particular expertise in medication management programs for patients with heart failure. She graduated from Harvard Medical School where she holds a faculty appointment. She is involved in numerous research and programmatic endeavors to improve nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle factors for cardiac patients, which has led to further interest in digital health programs.

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Brian Potter, MDCM, SM

Interventional Cardiology
Montreal University Hospital

Dr. Potter is an interventional cardiologist and researcher at the CHUM with research training in epidemiology, decision science, and cost-effectiveness. His current research interests include the optimization of acute cardiac care resources, quality of care for interventional services. 

Leadership Team.

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Max Leca

  • LinkedIn
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
With an extensive history of building and managing large-scale digital health services, Max has significantly impacted patient care. His personal stake in the fight against heart disease, a prevalent condition in his family, deeply motivates his efforts to innovate and improve access to heart care.
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Mike Furino

  • LinkedIn
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Mike, an experienced healthcare executive, has navigated strategic finance and expansions, both for a global health conglomerate and a rapidly scaling digital health company which went onto serve millions of patients. His journey reflects a genuine passion for positively affecting lives through healthcare innovations.

Jonah Davies, MD

  • LinkedIn
Co-Founder & Executive Advisor
Jonah is an orthopedic surgeon by trade turned serial entrepreneur. He turned his passion for healthcare and technology into numerous successful healthtech endeavors trying to help patients and providers alike. 
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Julien Martel, MD

  • LinkedIn
Head of Product and AI
Julien is a data scientist, artificial intelligence expert and a doctor, having built multiple solutions across various industries. His medical practice focuses on metabolic health and primary prevention.
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Jaclyn Rappaport

  • LinkedIn
Vice-President, Partnerships and Policy
Jaclyn is a health care operator and manager, with extensive experience leading large teams and multi-million dollar portfolios across the US and Canada in the areas of health systems operations & strategy, digital health implementation, quality improvement, and clinical change management.
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