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We have great news!

Kento closes $3M pre-seed fundraising

Kento announces co-development with Mayo Clinic

Forward Cardiac Care, for Everyone.

Take control of your disease, recover from major cardiac events.

We are opening a limited enrolment period soon, stay tuned!

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Helping people regain control, the heart of our focus.

Two programs designed to meet our patients where they are in their heart disease journey.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
Kento Rehab

A comprehensive, digitally-driven solution designed to help people take control of their heart health after a major cardiac event. With personalized clinical exercise plans and coaching, real-time heart monitoring, we guide you through your recovery journey, all from the convenience of your home.

Cardiovascular Disease Support Program
Kento Support

Designed for individuals diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. Through personalized evidence-based care protocols, specialized clinical coaching and heart monitoring, we empower people to actively manage their condition, prevent major cardiac events and elevate their quality of life.

We serve the healthcare community.


We partner with insurance companies and self-insured employers to provide a comprehensive, digital cardiac care solution that reduces healthcare costs while improving the heart health of their covered individuals.


We partner with health systems to enhance patient outcomes and streamline cardiac care, ultimately driving higher revenue and improving margins through a scalable, digital solution.


At Kento, patients always come first in our decisions. We strive to deliver the best and most accessible heart programs to give a better life to everyone affected by heart health.

They love Kento.

Mature Woman

"Kento radically changed my perception of living with coronary artery disease and gave me hope for a better future. After 3 months on the Kento Rehab program, I felt like I was getting my  life back. My coach has been of tremendous help along the way and can't thank them enough."


-Christine L.

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